Tynan Loughran — Product Designer based in Baltimore, MD

Mii Tablet

Product design

Freescale Semiconductors and SurfaceInk sponsored a semester long project to create a new table PC to compete with the iPad.

ForFreescale Semiconductors and SurfaceInk

With the compliance of a local middle school we were allowed to survey more than 30 students about the various electronics they own and use as well as their internet usage.

We began understanding Nintendo's brand identity and the evolution of their design language.

With a concept in mind we also created other products that would expand the family of the Nintendo tablet.

The tablet would have several "modes" of use. With pull out paddles the tablet would enter a "gaming mode" where it could stream games from a variety of recent Nintendo products. When the paddles are closed the tablet can be used for media streaming and doing homework.

The tablet would also include IR sensors that would allow the use of the Wii Remotes to play games or act as a mouse.

The tablet takes many of its design cues from newer Nintendo products such as the DS and Wii but it also retains feeling of classic Nintendo products such as the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

The charging dock for the tablet would use conductive charging as well as a platform for recharging Wii Remotes.